Fence Solution

fence solution

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Fence Solution - Ideal Deals, LLC

System Requirements
Adobe Flash Player version 10.3
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minimum hardware configurations:
1.33GHz processor
256MB of RAM
1024x768 Monitor Resolution
32bit (16 Million Colors) video mode
Broadband Internet Connection



  • Fence Solution
      • Fence Solution by Ideal will allow property owners to see how Ideal’s fence will actually look on their property prior to purchase. Take a picture of the home or commercial property, upload it, and aesthetically understand what Ideal's product will look like instantaneously. With a simple click of a button, you can show your customer various styles, colors and accessories. Fence Solution by Ideal will also give you the ability to move the fence left and right, up and down, and scale the size of the fence to match the correct proportion of your uploaded image. 


      Upload your own images

      Click on the upload button located on the far right of the top navigation bar. A dialog box will open allowing you to select an image from your desktop. The Fence Solution will automatically resize your image to fit the landscape.


      Modifly The Size and Location of The Fence

      The Ideal Fence Solution will allow you to move the fence sections and walk gate by simlpy touching the the fence area with your mouse and freely move across the horizon . The scale in the top right corner will help adjust the perspective of the fence to match the image.